Why would an association turn to AMAS, an association management company?

Association boards of directors typically hire an association management company as an alternative to taking on the responsibility, as volunteers, of hiring an executive director and entrusting that individual to recruit and hire staff, make investments in technology, provide office space and other infrastructure, and manage the operations of the organization while also fulfilling the strategic aspects of an executive role. AMAS can deliver cost-effective professional management that provides boards and organizations with flexibility, access to specialized staff, and the human and financial resources of a larger company. By relying on AMAS, an association management company, board members have the time and energy to focus on what's important to them: furthering the goals of their association and having a real impact on the real estate industry, their profession.

Asset Management & Association Services IS THE ANSWER for meeting your staffing needs.

The skilled professionals within AMAS apply their knowledge, expertise to serve our client associations with a passion found in association staff experts. We provide service excellence, thought leadership, technical expertise, regulatory knowledge, industry advocacy and public relations and social media, education program management and more. As individuals and as a team, we have the privilege of working with client organizations on their most significant work, including engaging and growing membership, navigating through economic and business cycles, and responding to changing industry changes within the state of Georgia and on a national level.

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